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Bringing forth a wide range of Brass Electrical Parts and components like brass fuse parts, brass HRC fuse parts, brass switchgear parts, brass energy meter parts, brass neutral links & earth bars, brass MCB parts, brass turning parts, brass nuts & bolts, brass fastener, brass terminal block, brass TTB parts, domestic brushes, wooden brushes & toilet brushes, etc.

An Introduction

Dazzling gold like appearance and important properties such as electrical and thermal resistance, castability, and ductility, making brass the most significant metal in electrical industry. For applications such as in ammunition, valves, plumbing and electrical applications where low friction is required, apart from numerous other applications, one simply cannot get enough of brass.

Who We Are

We, Gomex Plastic Industries, have tapped into the the significance of brass in order to utilize it in varied electrical applications. Around four decades of functional experience in fabricating
Brass Electrical Parts, Brass Energy Meter Parts, Brass Fuse Parts and components, we have become an eminent name in the metal components industry. 

Quality is Never an Accident, trusted seller